Boulder Wall and Landscaping – Fernvale

There is nothing like the satisfaction of a job well done – like this one we’ve recently completed at Fernvale, landscaping an acreage property.

Approximately 60 kilometres south-west of Brisbane, Fernvale lies along the Brisbane River and this particular area is both hilly and rocky.

building a boulder wall

Over three days, we provided and coordinated earthmoving services such as:

  • cutting a new road to allow trucks to access the rear of the property;
  • excavating new pads for two 20,000 litre water tanks;
  • using the resulting fill to create a level pad near the house; and
  • retaining with a boulder wall, built using stockpiled rocks.

Planning and estimating is such a crucial part of a landscaping project such as this one. Of course the customer has an idea of what he would like his property to look like, but he looks to you as the professional to come up with a working plan that will bring it all together.

Excavating an Access Road

excavating an access road

Excavating a new access road was not only essential for this job, but will enable the next stage of this landscaping project: installing the two large water tanks.

Building a Boulder Wall

rock retaining wall

It takes experience and planning to not only use all the available rocks, but also to bring the boulder wall to the desired height – all on a steep and difficult slope.

boulder wall

The placing of the rocks is never easy, and some rocks are more cooperative than others. There might have been a couple of boulders which tried to escape to the bottom of the hill, but all rocks are now happily a part of the retaining wall family.

A Job Well Done

Once all the rocks had been put to good use, and the stockpile areas cleaned up, spreading three loads of screened top soil added the finishing touch to the new level area created near the house.

eathmoving services

There are so many instances where it could all come off the rails, one wrong move and it’s over, so when the job is completed and the customer says to you, “That’s great, that’s exactly what I wanted!”, it’s an awesome feeling.

Earthmoving jobs like this, no matter how difficult, become a pleasure to do and you just look forward to the next one.

Earthmoving at Fernvale near Brisbane

This is just one example of the earthmoving services we provide across Brisbane south. Contact us today for advice and a quote regarding fill, retaining with a boulder wall, or excavating an access road on your property.