Demolition with a Difference – Brisbane Bayside

Our earthmoving and excavation business is located in the Brisbane bayside area, which is a great place to live, work and play.

And no wonder it’s so popular – there are cool sea breezes (especially at this time of year!), lovely waterfront areas to enjoy, and it’s also a real haven for boaties of all types.

Which is why we found ourselves doing a demolition with a difference there recently – demolishing an old boat that had been abandoned at Multihull Marine, a bayside boatyard.

boat demolition Brisbane bayside

Once upon a time the owner intended to repair and launch the boat back on the water, but alas the project proved too much and it was left to rot and decay. Sadly over time, the boat fell into such a bad state of disrepair that the only real option was to have it taken apart, piece by piece, and removed.

local demolition contractors at work

Boat Demolition

Although we are often called upon to provide demolition and clean up services for houses, sheds, and other old constructions, this was definitely a new one for us!

bye bye boat

It took just under three hours for our fully licensed and experienced backhoe operator to take the boat apart, dumping all the demolition materials in the skips provided.

We couldn’t help but wonder what stories this old boat could tell – once it was somebody’s pride and joy. What exotic ports did it visit, how many oceans did it sail?

Local Demolition Contractors

It just goes to show – just when you think you’ve done it all, along comes an unusual job like this one!

demolition services

At All Hours Earthmoving we welcome a challenge, so if you are checking out local demolition contractors – call us for advice and a quote today on 0418 886 855!