Delivering Soft Fall Mulch – Kangaroo Point

There are literally hundreds of parks across Brisbane, and all require regular maintenance – such as replacing the soft fall mulch beneath the playground equipment. 

Brisbane earthmoving - soft fall mulch at Kangaroo Point

Recently for example, our Brisbane earthmoving firm helped with refurbishing a Kangaroo Point park, by delivering loads of new soft fall mulch. (What a magical spot for a playground, beneath the shadows of the iconic Story Bridge, overlooking the Brisbane River and city centre!)

According to Australian safety standards, public playgrounds like this must be equipped with some type of impact-absorbing surface, to help cushion any falls from the play equipment.

The Benefits of Soft Fall Mulch

Soft fall mulch is one of the most popular choices for playground surfaces, for a number of reasons:

  • it doesn’t get too hot in the sun – unlike sand, for example;
  • mulch materials are generally considered the softest;
  • it helps to level out uneven surface areas; and,
  • it suppresses weeds in the playground area.

However, soft fall mulch does need to be refurbished or replaced regularly.

In addition, a lot of parks are located in low lying areas. This means that after heavy rain and/or flooding, soft fall can be washed away or contaminated, and has to be either topped up or replaced altogether – and we are always happy to help!

Other times, we are called in to demolish and remove old or damaged playground equipment, clearing the way for new installations.

The views were great at this park in Kangaroo Point – doing this sort of work, you soon realise just how many new parks you didn’t realise existed, tucked away in various corners throughout Brisbane!

At All Hours Earthmoving we specialise in jobs requiring demolition, rubbish removal and haulage. We can also deliver soft fall mulch or bark to your address, for a playground or a special garden – to arrange, call Peter today on 0418 886 855.