Swimming Pool Removal – Mansfield

Even with our long hot summers here in Queensland, not everybody wants a swimming pool in their backyard.

This was the case recently for one young family living in Mansfield on Brisbane’s southside.

With small children, they were only too aware of the potential risks of having a backyard swimming pool.

That, plus the thought of regular cleaning and maintenance, and large power bills as well, made the decision to remove it fairly straight forward.

How do you remove a swimming pool?

What wasn’t so straight forward was HOW they could get the swimming pool removed – until the home owner contacted All Hours Earthmoving to take care of the whole process for them.

removing swimming pool Mansfield high res

In addition to breaking up the concrete, we organised delivery of suitable fill, top soil, and grass seed to complete the job.

The main challenge – like many Brisbane suburban backyards – was limited clearance at the sides of the house. A small bobcat was perfect for the job, as it could be driven through a carport yet still had the bucket capacity to move fill quickly.

Working within a restricted space is one of our specialties, and we use great care and caution when manoevuring to prevent any unwanted damage.

levelled backyard Mansfield high res (1)

It took just under a day, but by the time we had finished, no trace of the swimming pool remained – only a smooth level backyard, spread with top soil mixed with grass seed to promote growth. With the help of a bit of rain, it should be mowable by Christmas.

The residents are relieved that they no longer have to worry about a backyard swimming pool, and are looking forward to enjoying their new outdoor space over the festive season!

Swimming pool removal is just one of the earthmoving services we can provide – so call us today on 0418 886 855 for advice and a quote.