Redlands Earthmoving Project

As All Hours Earthmoving is located at Ransome, on the border of the Redlands, we are often called on to do earthmoving and excavation in that region – from a test pit excavation at Capalaba, to filling in Cleveland, and even tree removal at Alexandra Hills

Redlands earthmoving project

One such job earlier this year was to provide earthmoving services as part of sewerage treatment works at Wellington Point, which were needed to cater for the ever increasing population in the Redlands area.

Wellington Point Sewerage Upgrade

The work entailed deep excavation using 30 ton excavators, and a specialist company with underground boring equipment to dig under a creek and a busy road – and all without disturbing the large volume of traffic generated by the two schools adjacent to the site.

Wellington Point sewerage works

There were also environmental factors to be considered, and our brief included restoring the affected areas back to their original state, or better.

Our earthmoving company was involved right from the start, responsible for the contouring, backfilling, stabilising and eventually revegetation of the disturbed areas, to meet stringent local authority regulations.

earthmoving and excavation

Some footpaths were completely removed and redesigned to a more suitable level, with the main consideration being the large number of pedestrians heading to and from the local schools each day. Even part of the school sports oval was re-turfed. Finally, a brand new fence was installed.

earthmoving in the Redlands

Earthmoving and Excavation Solutions

We are proud to have been involved in this important civil project in the Redlands. It demonstrates that we don’t just provide earthmoving and excavation solutions to residential property owners – we are also experienced in the many facets of working on commercial, industrial and civic projects, and pay careful attention to minimising environmental damage, managing safety risks, and reducing the impact on the general public as much as possible.

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