Palm Tree Removal – Alexandra Hills

Trees can create all sorts of headaches for home owners, making removal the only option.

Tree roots can invade underground pipes, leaves can clog the gutters, and then there is the worry of branches or even the entire tree coming down and damaging a fence or house.

These home owners at Alexandra Hills on Brisbane’s bayside, had seven palm trees which had grown enormous. The berries attracted bats, which meant it was a constant chore to clean up the mess, as well as to remove the dead fronds.

However the final straw was when the roots got into the pool plumbing.

But how do you go about palm tree removal when they are so close to the house, and one false move could cause expensive damage?!

palm tree removal Alexandra Hills

Earthmoving Services for Tree Removal

It might seem unusual, but earthmoving services can be a great option for tree removal – especially in tight spaces.

A backhoe is ideal for bringing down tall trees like these palms, as it:

  • allows the operator to control the direction of the tree as it falls;
  • and it can then load the trees onto the truck for easy removal, something an excavator that size cannot do.

Given the height of these palm trees, our long (14 metre) tipper truck was perfect for this particular job.

Home owners and landscapers may even pay good money for established trees. Again, specialised earthmoving equipment is ideal for carefully lifting the entire tree, including the ball of roots and soil, so that it can be successfully transplanted.

The home owner was not only impressed with our tree removal skills, but also with our great prices – saying that we were a lot cheaper than the tree loppers he’d spoken to.

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