Tree Removal – Brisbane Southside

At the end of last month, Tropical Cyclone Debbie – a Category 4 system – made landfall near Bowen, on the north coast of Queensland.

tree removal Brisbane southside

If you thought that it would have little effect on us here in Brisbane, over a thousand kilometres to the south, you soon discovered otherwise!

Even when it was downgraded, ex-TC Debbie was such a powerful storm it wreaked havoc right across south east Queensland and well into New South Wales. What a way to start the Easter school holidays!

Not surprisingly, earthmoving companies like ours were busy as a result, repairing the damage and removing the debris left behind after the heavy rain, high winds and flooding.

Removing Fallen Trees

It was a dark and stormy night … but when a large gum tree fell across Chelsea Road, cutting off access to quite a few properties (parts of Molle Road and Rickertt Roads were both closed due to flooding), All Hours Earthmoving stepped in to help straight away.

Road cleared after tree removal

After all we were right on the spot, as our premises are based on Brisbane’s bayside – handy to Gumdale, Ransome, Wakerley, Manly and Wynnum, as well as Thorneside and Capalaba in the Redlands.

It only took ten minutes to move the tree off the road, using our backhoe – and it meant that residents were able to reach their homes safely.

Tree Stump Removal

In addition to removing fallen trees, we often bring down trees that may pose a hazard to a house and its occupants. We are able to use our machinery to direct the fall away from danger, into an open area.

So remember, we might be one of Brisbane’s best earthmoving companies, but we can also help with tree removal!

Whether it’s excavating and removing tree stumps which are far too big and heavy for your ute or trailer, to clearing fallen trees in an emergency like this one – simply give us a call on 0418 886 855.