Deck Footings – Gumdale

One of the excavation services we provide to clients across the Brisbane south region, is drilling piers for house foundations and deck footings.

The owner of this timber home in the Brisbane bayside suburb of Gumdale wanted to add a deck to the rear and side, to better enjoy the great outdoors. This required 16 piers to be drilled for the deck footings, using an auger attachment on a backhoe.


Although normally a straight forward process, in this particular instance there was limited access between the side of the house and the existing timber fence. Would there be room to get our machinery in – and where should the spoil be temporarily stockpiled, ready for removal?

Fortunately, we were able to approach a friendly neighbour who agreed to allow access through his property, and so the client was able to park a trailer on the block next door. As our post hole borer removed the soil from the deck footings, it was carefully placed over the fence directly into the trailer – minimising the impact on the neighbour’s property and the need for site clean up – and meaning that the soil was easily carted away afterwards.

tight situation

I’m told the deck has now been completed, and I really must go back to have a look! Quite often in the earthmoving business, we only get to see the construction side of the earthworks or the beginning of the project. It’s a real pleasure to be able to come back later, and see the finished product.

Sometimes when you’re in a tight situation, you have to find whatever works. Whether you need to organise deck footings, trenching, or other excavation services, contact us today on 0418 886 855 to arrange a site visit, for advice and a competitive quote.

Photos courtesy of our client Damian – thank you!