Test Pit Excavation – Capalaba

As one of the most experienced Brisbane earthmoving companies, we are often called on to provide dam excavation and other general excavation services.

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Recently we did some work on a dam located near Capalaba, in the heart of the Redlands.

What is a Test Pit Excavation?

All dams need to be checked regularly, as part of an ongoing safety and maintenance program.

In order to assess the current condition of this large dam and its immediate environment, All Hours Earthmoving was called in to excavate test pits with a backhoe. This allowed engineers to examine and test surface soil, groundwater, and bedrock conditions.

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Excavation Procedure

The work began by marking the location of the test pits, after which our backhoe operator excavated in increments. As part of the excavation procedure, our operator carefully observed the area which was being dug for any potential hazards. If odours, changes in the strata or material, or any possible contaminants are noticed, excavation is immediately stopped to allow for closer inspection and appropriate action.

This particular excavation procedure went smoothly, so once testing was completed, the test pits were re-filled using our earthmoving equipment.

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The site works concluded with the spreading of topsoil and turf, to prevent erosion and help rehabilitate the area following the extensive earthworks.

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