Landscaping Fernvale – Stage 2

The proof of a satisfied customer is when they turn into repeat business.

At the end of last year, I spent a couple of days with a client constructing a boulder wall at Fernvale, as well as excavating an access road, pads for water tanks and also a level area near the house for a future shed.

earthmoving Brisbane at Fernvale

The owners are keen to transform their one acre property into a sustainable paradise – growing their own fruit and vegetables, keeping bees and chickens, harvesting rainwater, installing solar power, and the like. (You can follow their journey on the Spurtopia blog).

Recently I was invited back to help the owners with Stage Two of this ongoing landscaping project.

Brisbane earthmoving

Preparing Garden Beds

The soil at Fernvale is very poor quality, so with 300 metres of garden beds to prepare for planting, our Brisbane earthmoving business was able to help get the job done much more quickly and efficiently than by hand!

Preparing the garden beds involved bringing in:

  • two truck loads of horse manure;
  • four loads of other minerals (such as crusher dust and decomposed granite);
  • and plenty of mulch.

Finally, just like the mixing of a cake, all these “ingredients” were turned over and mixed well using our bobcat, to help create the fertile soil required to successfully grow fruit and vegetables.

The next step for the owners will be installing water pipes and irrigation to these garden beds; while in the future they envisage building a greenhouse, where more delicate plants will be cultivated.

landscaping Fernvale

Now all that is needed is some rain! It’s been very dry across Brisbane throughout the usually wet summer months.

I’m looking forward to returning in a few months’ time, to see how much this one acre block has blossomed and grown.

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